Garbage slot machine mobile games can still make money

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Two indie developers made over $50,000 in revenue from a 2013 game jam lark by developing a program that created and uploaded simple ad-supported slot machine games to Google Play. By working with Unity and other tools, Alex Schwarz and Ziba Scott knocked out a robo-studio that could upload 15 terrible mobile games a day to Google’s digital storefront.

With names like “3D Rough Elbow Slots” and “3D Inexperienced Great Horned Owl Slots” the titles served up the bare minimum of gameplay and differences between games to be considered separate products. The duo then left the program to do its thing and watched the ad money roll in for a couple of years. People downloaded the garbage apps and clicked the ads to the tune of about $200 a day. Users even left positive reviews in some cases.

“We were at a crossroads where the joke was similar to the origin story of a supervillain.”

The experiment ended when the developers finally got tired of dealing with the endless changes Google made to their app upload process. 3D Inexperienced Great Horned Owl Slots is unfortunately no longer available.