The wallet threat level for PlanetSide Arena pre-orders just got greener

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Daybreak Game Company is delaying PlanetSide Arena again. The mega-multiplayer shooter that will offer 500-player team deathmatch and battle royale modes was originally supposed to launch on January 29th for PC, but that was delayed just before that date to March. Now, the launch is shifting to sometime in summer to coincide with the PlayStation 4 release. As part of the announcement, Daybreak is generously refunding all Steam pre-orders.

“We believe that delivering the most polished version of PlanetSide Arena that meets these expectations, on both platforms, outweighs any other consideration.”

While there’s no mention of the competition, it’s got to be hard to watch something like Apex Legends come out in your target market and immediately jump to 25 million players within a week of its surprise free-to-play launch. It was going to be hard enough to go against PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Black Ops 4, and Fortnite, and now you have to contend with this beast? Time to give everything another look!