Quantic Dream can now bring quick-time events and melodrama to other platforms

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NetEase has purchased a minority share in Quantic Dream. Thanks to this new partnership, the Paris-based studio will be able to take their unique game ethos to platforms outside of Sony’s PlayStation universe after making exclusive games for the past 12 years. CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiére told VentureBeat that the deal wasn’t just about funding. They wanted a strategic partner that could help them grow into a global studio with access to the next generation of multimedia gaming.

We see that the storytelling and emotive experiences that we pioneered are now a part of most triple-A titles. Even television has begun experimenting with concepts that we’ve focused on for many years.

According to Cage and Fondaumiére, the recent employee accusations of sexual harassment, crunch, and a toxic environment at the studio, were false. They cited their diverse team and a favorable review by new investor NetEase as evidence of innocence.