Can you kill someone with a snowball? Hitman has the answer.

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Agent 47 has new toys to play with. In Hitman 2’s latest update, the Hokkaido Legacy Pack location is being graced with a time-limited Snow Festival setting, and Season Pass owners will be able to access a Winter Sports Pack.

The Snow Festival event involves killing an unscrupulous fireworks manufacturer in the Hokkaido medical facility. The level is decked out in multicolored lights and glittery snowflake ceiling hangings, but it’s all very tasteful as befits the jet-setting Hitman universe. The free limited event is actually available now for Hitman 2 Legacy Pack owners and will continue until February 12th. People that don’t own Hitman 2 will also get to try the level for free, starting on the 22nd. That progress will carry over to the main game once you upgrade.

The Winter Sports Pack will also become available on the 22nd of January. It’s the first installment of the Season Pass and gives owners access to a sporty cold-weather outfit, a gaudy arctic suitcase, a stabby piton, a set of climbing gear that also kills people, and the deadly snowball. It’s supposed to just be “annoying” but we all know that everyone is going to try to kill people with it as soon as they get their hands on it.