Electronic Arts promises a boot stamping on the face of pure single player forever

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Electronic Arts has announced Project Atlas, a “cloud-native future” for their games. The post from Ken Moss, Chief Technology Officer at EA, describes a vision of integrated cloud computing and artificial intelligence that will power their studios’ games. Examples given include using cloud-powered intelligence to dynamically supply commentary in Madden, or even writing and performing music as you play. The main benefit for EA being a framework that brings together the engine, like EA’s own Frostbite, and the revenue generating games-as-service features investors love.

This will be a fully integrated platform, capable of building the scalable, social, and large-scale experiences of the future. So, while in the past, features like cloud hosting, matchmaking, marketplace, data, AI, achievements, and social were separate from the development tools in the engine, the Project Atlas platform will be able to implement all of these services natively within a unified solution.

EA claims to already have over a thousand developers working on Project Atlas, across “dozens” of studios.