Hellgate: London rises from the pit

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Hellgate: London, the ill-fated 2007 online action MMO from Flagship Studios, (that some would argue was ahead of its time) is coming back as a standalone single player experience on Steam. Now managed and developed by T3Entertainment and HanbitSoft since Flagship’s liquidation in 2008, this single player only revamp is an offline version of the Hellgate: Tokyo 2.0 MMO available in Asia.

When Hellgate: London first launched in 2007, the sci-fi setting, procedurally generated environments, third or first-person action gameplay, and the optional online subscription were considered by many people as too far from the Diablo model that the audience expected. How times have changed! Additional criticisms included drab looks, bland gameplay, and the online features being a bit of a mess. Financial woes and player dissatisfaction led to bankruptcy for Flagship, but the game lived on in Korea as a free-to-play title.

The new version of Hellgate: London launches on November 15th.