Dungeons & Dragons Online made its save versus entropy

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Dungeons & Dragons Online has released its 40th update. There’s no anniversary or special holiday connected to the Cloaked in Darkness update. It’s a perfectly fine MMO content patch. It features the return of an annual festival event, balances some player abilities, adds cosmetic cloaks, and launches the Wood Elves race which can be purchased by players if they don’t already pay for VIP access. If none of that sounds exciting to you, then you’ve probably been playing games with cloaks and wood elves for the past decade. For longtime Dungeons & Dragons Online folks, Update 40 is a time to celebrate.

It’s a good reminder that MMO’s that you don’t hear much about still have communities of players, dedicated support staff, and a measure of success despite not having headline-grabbing news. The game’s been banging around since 2006, so bravo to players that stuck with it since its Stormreach days.