The Long Dark is getting longer, but the future is brighter

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The third story installment of The Long Dark is coming. Episode Three will launch as a free update in December 2018. According to the developer’s post, the third story act shifts the player’s perspective to Dr. Astrid Greenwood’s and the aftermath of Will Mackenzie’s travels in the first story episode.

More depressing survival adventure in the frozen Northern Canadian wilderness would normally be reason enough to (not) celebrate, but the update will also come with “redux” changes to Episodes One and Two. The revamped chapters will feature fully voiced NPC dialogue, a more open mission structure, an enhanced tutorial, bug fixes, and narrative scenes have been rewritten and will be presented in first-person view. Hinterland Studio is even removing the “fetch-questy” Trust System for now, but hopes to bring it back in another part of the game at a later date. Making a survival game is like crafting a fire in the snow with only newspaper rolls and wet matches. You just have to keep at it.