There’s a great disturbance in the midichlorians of X-Wing 2.0

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X-Wing is getting an upgrade. The popular tabletop Star Wars space combat miniatures game from Fantasy Flight is being revamped for its second edition release. The developers say they’re focusing on making combat more exciting, adding a mobile and web app to build squadrons, and introducing The Force as a gameplay mechanic.

If you’re a veteran player with a large collection of ships already, you may be wondering if this new edition will leave your flight grounded. For just $50 a pop, there will be conversion kits available that will take your ships into the new era. Not all your ships at once, of course. According to the FAQ, the kits are divided by faction and have enough materials to convert a couple of ships from each class. For example, if you have more than two of the older iconic X-Wing ships, you’ll need to spend more because each of the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kits only cover two X-Wings. If only money were as plentiful as midichlorians!

X-Wing Second Edition releases in September with a core set, expansion ships, and the conversion kits.