After putting up with two decades of zerg rushes in StarCraft, everyone deserves a gift

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March marks the twentieth anniversary of the StarCraft franchise. That’s two decades of gathering minerals and constructing additional pylons. Starting today, players can get special StarCraft loot in their Blizzard games. Logging into Overwatch will give you a nifty Ghost skin for Widowmaker. Pop into Diablo III to get a miniature battlecruiser pet. StarCraft II players can get a bunch of skins, a special portrait, and a decal. Old school fans of StarCraft Remastered can get an anniversary user interface skin. Later in the month, playing Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, or Heroes of the Storm will give you celebratory prizes as well. It’s like finding a free cache of vespene gas or an unguarded expansion location.