Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

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One of the hallmarks of the Metro series of first-person shooter games, besides their distinctive Russian flavor, is the fact that firearm ammunition is money. In the nuclear wasteland of Metro, bullets are buying power as well as monster deterrent. It makes sense for the narrative, and it creates tension in gameplay. Spend too many rounds on mutant spiders and you may not be able to afford to restock or upgrade your kit.

Metro Exodus, coming later this year from 4A Games and Deep Silver, is doing away with this unique mechanic. In Game Informer’s preview, they note that it’s one of many changes to the Metro formula. Instead of hoarding and bartering with ammo, players will need to scavenge junk and craft it into parts at a workstation Fallout 4 style. It can lose the bullet economy, but Exodus better keep the underground brothels.