Do you know the way to VRChat?

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VRChat, a free 3D virtual social media playspace, has over 1.5 million installs, making it one of the most widely used VR applications. Spurred mostly by streamers spamming questionable meme humor based on the Ugandan action movie Who Killed Captain Alex? combined with a badly modeled Knuckles from the Sonic games, VRChat has exploded in popularity. Helping its growth is the fact that a VR rig is not needed to partake in the festivities, which includes lots of janky user-made content. Free and memes? That’s YouTube gold!

As with any activity in meme culture, unsavory elements have crept into the scene to the point that the developers have had to write an open letter to the community asking them to be cool. While they welcome the large player pool, they want to encourage healthy and less offensive interactions. To that end, the team is implementing a moderation sytem and user blocking. Enjoy your offensive memes while you can.