Loot crates may become a console-wide thing on Xbox

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A report from Windows Central asserts that the upcoming revamp of the Xbox Avatar feature will include a “career” system with levels, quests, and even cosmetic loot crate rewards. The Avatar reboot, first previewed back at E3 2017, showcased the company’s commitment to adding more diversity and options to the virtual characters, but contained few details on any meta-game changes. The new report cautions that any or all of the information on loot crates and ranks could be test runs of the system, but code was gleaned from preview builds that matched what Windows Central had gathered from other sources. In an interview last August, Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra stated that the Xbox Achievement and Avatar features were being looked at with an eye towards better reflecting an Xbox player’s accomplishments rather than just boiling it all down to a raw score. What better way to celebrate that than a random drop of virtual cosmetic junk?

The new Xbox Avatar system is expected to release this year.