Need for Speed: Payback taps the brakes on loot

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Electronic Arts’ season of loot boxes is off to a cracking good start. First, the publisher had to turn off the ability to buy goodies in Star Wars: Battlefront II due to widespread negative reaction, now they’re revamping payouts in Need for Speed: Payback. According to Ghost Games’ update, players will see increased experience rewards, faster restocks on garage upgrade offers, and an overall better mix of prizes in the game’s “bait crates” – which may be the most on-the-nose name for loot boxes yet.

We believe that owning a garage of customized cars is part of the essence that makes Need for Speed what it is. We’ll keep making tweaks, based on your feedback, and we’re committed to making car progression a much more enjoyable experience.

It’s not a complete suspension of the system, but a little slowdown on the curve.