LawBreakers wants to be the RC Cola of hero shooters

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LawBreakers, Boss Key Productions’ multiplayer hero shooter, hasn’t exactly set the gaming world on fire. Despite already releasing two new maps, adding a competitive mode, and jiggering with mechanics in some pretty drastic ways since its August launch, Boss Key just hasn’t been able to attract the players that some other new multiplayer games have garnered. According to studio head Cliff Bleszinski, it’s all part of the plan. He wants steady growth like Rocket League or Warframe – games that built their healthy communities over extended periods. As he explains to GamesIndustry, his studio knows the hierarchy of gaming and isn’t looking to fight that particular battle just yet.

“I want to carve out my space and be Pepsi or RC Cola of that market – I’m not going to be Coke because Overwatch has too much of a stranglehold.”

While acknowledging some early mistakes in marketing, Bleszinski feels the best way to grow his game’s audience is to keep plugging away at updates, continue to produce content, and concentrate on promoting the game correctly. You can find a copy of the LawBreakers content roadmap here.