Forza 7’s very important people are even more important when they yell

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While most players agree the the actual racing in Forza Motorsport 7 is solid, the business model and some significant changes to the series’ caRPG formula have come under fire. One of the controversial decisions was changing the VIP member rewards. In the past, players paid a premium for the VIP editions of the game and they received exclusive cars, doodads, and a crucial permanent 2x multiplier to their race payouts. Fans ordered the VIP upgrade for Forza 7 based on this, but when the game launched, many were disappointed to find the VIP rewards were primarily temporary consumable multipliers based on the new in-game loot crate system. To make matters worse, the original wording of the VIP page failed to mention the changes. Despite adjusting the text of the VIP content listing after complaints, Forza players have continued vocalize their displeasure. The temporary boosts weren’t worth the price.

Turn 10 and Microsoft have relented. VIP membership is being changed to work like the previous games. VIP players will get four exclusive cars, 1 million in-game credits, and a permanent double credit bonus to race wins. Once again, gamers’ have complained, and a developer has made good based on that feedback. While Turn 10 and Microsoft likely won’t change course on the Forza 7’s loot crates and how they influence the caRPG loop, one can hope that future iterations will take the lesson to heart.