Skyrim Special Edition is getting a survival mode, but there’s a price

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Would you pay $15 for a more hardcore version of Skyrim? Bethesda is testing a survival mode for Skyrim Special Edition that will add the usual difficulty enhancers to turn it into a more grueling open-world experience. You’ll need to eat and sleep. The cold can kill you. Fast travelling is disabled. Health no longer regenerates. It’s similar to the survival mode that Fallout 4 received last year. The difference? Fallout 4’s mode was a free update. Skyrim Special Edition’s addition seems to be a Creation Club exclusive with a price.

“Both PC and console players will get Survival Mode free for one week once it launches on their preferred platform.”

Note that “free for one week” bit. In images captured by a beta tester, the Creation Club price (disabled for the test) is 800 points, but thanks to the usual funny money shenanigans, you can’t buy exactly 800 points with real money. The next valid purchase option is $15 for 1500 spacebucks.