The biggest threat to Friday the 13th’s campers are the other campers

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Remember that scene in the one Friday the 13th movie when the snarky counselor turned on her fellow campers, and killed them with her machete? You probably don’t because it never happened. Jason, or his mother, are the killers! (Okay, there was the one psychotic killer ambulance driver, but the less said about A New Beginning, the better.) The kids are supposed to run around in a panic, scream, hide, and end up spit-roasted on an improvised weapon. Alas, the players of Friday the 13th: The Game have no loyalty to the movies’ tropes. Team-killing is rampant, leaving the poor Jason player to wander a mostly empty map seeking out the lone enemy. Once again, players prove they can ruin any concept no matter how simple.

The developers are responding by nerfing the heck out of the weapons. In public matches, the majority of lethal hardware will no longer work on the other campers. You’ll still be able to harm other players with traps and the car, so expect a lot more vehicular homicide after the next patch.