How would you play Dungeons & Dragons without dice?

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Waypoint, VICE’s entertainment reporting arm, has a couple of reports on gaming in prison. Not like Prison Architect. We’re talking about how actual inmates play games while incarcerated. According to the guards and prisoners Waypoint talked to, Dungeons & Dragons is pretty popular in The Big House despite most facilities’ rules against contraband. Because dice is usually a no-no as they can be used for gambling, prisoners have had to get creative about random number generation.

“You don’t even need glue, just toilet paper,” he says, “The way I did it is just by folding it into very thick square, wetting it, and then shoving it into a square corner, say a window sill. You do this over and over again, applying water when it starts to dry out, alternating corners. Eventually you have nicely shaped square. You have to continue shaping it as it dries with your makeshift corner jig. It shrinks a bit and gets quite hard.”

Other techniques included creating dice out of paper templates and sticker glue, marking a piece of pencil to use as a 6-sided roller, and the perennial favorite of jail movies – soap carvings. The next time you’re annoyed by a lopsided die coming up with ones all the time, remember that someone is using dried toilet paper cubes to get his critical hits.