American McGee wants everyone to stop asking him about the next Alice game

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American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns struck a chord with gamers. Years before Tim Burton was given Disney’s backing to create twisted 3D movie versions of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy books, American McGee was arming Alice with a butcher’s knife and setting her loose in Hot Topic levels filled with crooked doorways. Years later, people are still pestering American McGee about a third go-around in goth Wonderland. In a firm blog post American McGee answers the question once and for all. It’s not up to him, so stop directing questions his way. It’s all up to the license holder, in this case, Electronic Arts.

“I HAVE NO CONTROL over the Alice rights, EA’s decision-making process, or anything at all related to Alice, Alice merchandise, Alice adaptations, etc, etc.”

McGee thinks there may be another Alice game someday, but interested fans should tweet the publisher instead of wasting his time. The good news is that every other fable in existence is up for grabs and American McGee’s latest game in development is Out of the Woods which combines a book and a card game with “dark” fairy tales.