Take on the scourges of avocado toast and ridesharing in Shakedown: Hawaii

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Shakedown: Hawaii, the next top-down open world action parody from Vblank Entertainment, is not Retro City Rampage 2. The developers want to make that distinction quite clear. You may still be crashing cars, killing folks, and generally acting like the nightmare Grand Theft Auto player Jack Thompson was trying to warn everyone about, but Shakedown: Hawaii puts a different spin on things by skewering millennial culture and the kinds of business decisions that made Juicero possible. One can only wonder just how topical the game will get based on this bit regarding the player character’s background.

Our anti-hero’s decision to spend more time on reality TV as a “CEO” personality, than as the actual CEO of his company didn’t help matters.

While there’s no release date yet for Shakedown: Hawaii, the game will be launching on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Steam when it does go live.