At least a few people will finally get to play Star Fox 2

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Nintendo has announced the imminent release of Star Fox 2. Originally developed by Nintendo and Argonaut Software, Starfox 2 was supposed to launch in 1995, but was cancelled due to scheduling and technical issues with the release of the Nintendo 64 console. Despite being a direct story sequel to the original game, Star Fox 2 featured gameplay differences from the original. Instead of a linear campaign, the player uses a strategic system map to select missions and defend their home planet. Unfortunately, only a handful of people ever got to see the game, and hope of a second chance was largely squashed throughout the years. In 2015, programmer Dylan Cuthbert formerly with Argonaut said the chance of the game being offered as a digital eShop title was low due to legal disputes.

Now, thanks to its upcoming release, at least a couple dozen more people will be able to experience this game. Sadly, the game will be tied to the SNES Classic Edition console in a forced bundle with 20 other SNES games. The SNES Classic Edition will hit a couple of store shelves on September 29th.