You may have forgotten about Trackmania and Shootmania, but Ubisoft didn’t

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Maniaplanet is still a thing. This is probably more news to gamers in the United States than in Europe, but Nadeo and Ubisoft haven’t given up on the shared universe of Maniaplanet games. You may not hear much about the titles stateside, but Nadeo has been chugging along quietly on their “planet” games and the studio is rolling out a major update across the network. Maniaplanet 4 brings a slew of improvements to the service like user-made channels, content creation, and enhancements to the games’ editors.

Along with the free update, Trackmania2 is getting a for-pay Lagoon expansion that adds 65 solo tracks and six new multiplayer game modes in a tropical setting. It’s palm trees, blue water, six-story tall looping tracks, and impossible stunt car acrobatics jammed together. It’s like being in The Crew’s version of the Bahamas. Trackmania2 Lagoon launches on May 23rd.

Shootmania Storm isn’t getting a new installment of paid content, but it is getting some upgrades. New weapons, new map assets, new modes, and vehicles have come to Shootmania. Specifically, Trackmania cars can now be used in a Car Elimination game mode in Shootmania. If running around on foot in the ruins of Shootmania while shooting a magic gun is your thing, you might enjoy six-story tall looping tracks and impossible stunt car acrobatics mixed in. It’s like being in the Ghost Recon Wildlands’ version of the Bahamas.