This may be your last chance to ‘get woke’ to Alan Wake

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Alan Wake may be disappearing soon. According to Remedy Entertainment, the 2010 horror game is being removed from sale on digital outlets, including the Xbox, Steam, and Windows stores on the 15th of May. The developer noted that music rights issues are the reason for the removal, and while they are looking into solutions such as relicensing, they cannot guarantee that a deal will be worked out. While the game will be removed from sale, if you already have it in your library by that date, you should be able to re-download it at any time.

While Alan Wake’s original score was created by Petri Alanko, the game did feature a few songs from other artists such as David Bowie, Roy Orbison, Nick Cave, and Depeche Mode which could be problematic for renewing the music licenses. Alan Wake will go on sale on the 13th at a 90% discount to allow for last-minute buyers to grab it. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the 2012 standalone sequel, is not being impacted by this music licensing issue and will remain available for purchase.