Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s horde mode for The Dwarves

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How do you beef up sales for a game that was overlooked when it launched? Update the game with a free horde mode. That’s exactly what’s happening with THQ Nordic’s The Dwarves. Unfairly or not, the real-time tactical battle hero game from developer KING Art was lost in the holiday shuffle of 2016 and the publisher is looking to remedy that with some goodwill support. The latest free update features three different challenges on six maps. There’s the aforementioned horde mode with wave-based enemy attacks, a timed challenge that encourages players to kill all opponents as fast as possible, and a chase mode that has the player running down a wayward orc. Leaderboards will add a competitive incentive along with persistent stats that can unlock the game’s 15 heroes for use in the new modes.