Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is the Quentin Tarantino cartoon we missed in 1992

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That image is from Big Star Games’ upcoming game based on the Reservoir Dogs. You remember the diner assault in Reservoir Dogs, right? What about the shootout at the docks? How about the time-bending powers? Well, you’re going to see them in Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days for the Xbox One and PC later this year. Take a dash of Hotline Miami’s overhead ultra-violence and mix with a dash of 2014’s Super Time Force and you get a Reservoir Dogs that gives the criminals the power to rewind time and do-over bits of their heists.

Say Mr. Orange holds up a car for the getaway and gets shot in the gut. Hit the “Time Back” power and the player can now control Mr. White, and armed with foreknowledge and a big gun, he can go around the other side of the car and kill the driver before she shoots. Tragically, that means the rest of the story will be very different from the one in the movie, but destiny will likely force Michael Madsen to dance to Stuck in the Middle With You no matter how much you mess with the timeline.