Get ready to sing “Rule, Bretonnia!” in Total War: Warhammer

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The Kingdom of Bretonnia is coming to Total War: Warhammer. The DLC faction is free to owners of the base game on February 28th, so Creative Assembly has helpfully posted the above video showing how the prickly and chivalrous nation works in the grand campaign. That chivalry isn’t just an attitude, for players that take up the banners of knightly kingdom, it’s a tracked rating that can have important effects for the army.

As you perform certain actions, such as winning heroic victories in battle and completing quest chains, your chivalry rises, bringing with it benefits such as higher control (keeping your peasant population content and pliant), bonus unit experience and a reduction in corruption. Other actions, such as warring with other Bretonnian factions and sacking settlements, can reduce your chivalry. Low chivalry levels bring negative factors to your campaign, such as reduced Control and army Leadership. In extremis, this can contribute to rebellions across your provinces.

It’s like the Paragon/Renegade meter in Mass Effect, except it won’t end with a star-child and a multiple choice question. Total War: Warhammer Bretonnia will be available on Steam.