You’ll be fighting alone in Space Pirates and Zombies 2

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Multiplayer will not be coming to Space Pirates and Zombies 2. While a full cooperative multiplayer mode wasn’t planned for the early access space ship mercenary zombie invasion action game, MinMax Games had planned to add a multiplayer arena mode. Alas, it seems the developers were unable to overcome the technical challenges as they moved the project onto an updated version of the Unity engine. The network issues coupled with a lack of interest from fans on their forums, means multiplayer is dead. It’s a blow for the sequel to one of Tom’s favorite zombie games, although it’s unclear if the arena mode would’ve added anything substantive to the gameplay.

We have tried to make it very clear on the store page that in its current form SPAZ 2 is a single player game and we requested that people not purchase the game for multiplayer features not yet implemented, but we know many of you are still going to be quite disappointed.

The developers will be offering refunds to those players that did buy the game for multiplayer despite the studio’s warning. Along with the apology, MinMax assured fans that they will be concentrating on fleshing out the endgame, adding more sandbox mode content, and focus on replayability.