What does John Cena, Portal, and milking virtual cows have to do with each other?

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The latest marketing stunt from Nintendo begins with this cryptic bit accompanied by the image above:

Imagine driving in the middle of the desert and seeing a couch, TV and video game system in the middle of nowhere, or skiing down the side of a mountain and seeing another one of these surprising setups sitting there in the snow, ready for a round of gaming.

Imagine instead that you are placed into a glass box that’s been furnished in the latest dentist’s waiting room style, pitted against WWE wrestler and actor John Cena, and made to un-cork imaginary champagne bottles or milk virtual cows with 1-2-Switch. Such will be the fate of those that attend the Nintendo Switch promotion at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch on February 23rd. Thankfully, only those that answer their special invitations will be doomed to being locked into a Portal testing chamber with John Cena and a Nintendo PR liaison, but there will be two more demo events available. Aspen, Colorado on the 27th and New York City on March 3rd will host similar events, sans John Cena.