The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC plan is how you know Nintendo is serious

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For a long time, the truism for Nintendo was that they do their own thing. Friend codes, Amiibos, waggle, the Wii U – it’s all part of their ideology. “But when are they going to get serious?” detractors would ask. When was Nintendo going to buckle down and stop being weird? The half-tablet, half-console approach of the upcoming Nintendo Switch seems like a continuation of the company’s quirky strategy. Well, they’re not playing around now. The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild is going to have an expansion pass.

Here’s producer Eiji Aonuma giving everyone the good news. For $20, buyers will get two DLC packs (coming later) and immediate access to three treasure chests in the game’s Great Plateau. The first DLC installment, due in summer, will even follow the industry standard of being a chintzy variety pack consisting of a “Cave of Trials” challenge, the obligatory hard mode, and “a new feature for the in-game map” with no details on what that actually means. Players will have to wait until winter for the second DLC pack if they want actual story additions. If you needed more assurance that Nintendo isn’t messing about, the DLC will only be available in the expansion pass. You cannot buy them separately. Yay for everyone that wanted Nintendo to be more like the other guys!