Rainbow Six Siege introduces magical powers in its second year

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Year Two is about to start. Ubisoft’s tactical team shooter is getting another eight operators and four maps set in Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea throughout 2017. The first update, Operation Velvet Shell, will add two characters that screw with the game’s established strategies via magical powers. Mira can create one-way firing windows in walls like a sorceress with a shotgun, and Jackal can track enemy footsteps to their source using what can only be described as witchcraft.

The game’s creative director Xavier Marquis revealed to PC Gamer that Ubisoft plans on bringing the total count of operators to at least fifty, with “aspirations of reaching twice that amount” over its lifetime. The game already has 28 character classes, and the developers plan on adding eight more in year two, leaving players with at least a couple more years of collecting virtual shooter men. Since Ubisoft is already leaning on superpowers for their newest operator additions, how long will it be before characters from For Honor start showing up in Rainbow Six Siege like Blizzard’s cross-promotional efforts?