The best part of Final Fantasy XV is getting an upgrade

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Is there anything better in Final Fantasy XV than Prompto’s delightful pictures? They capture the buddy road trip goofiness of a bunch of dudes hanging out, having adventures, high-fiving each other, and generally being a gaggle of lovable lunkheads. There’s an update for Final Fantasy XV coming on December 22nd that adds a free Holiday Pack DLC which includes a New Game Plus feature and themed photo frames for Prompto’s shutterbug hobby. It’s exactly what this bro-tastic posse of tourists needs. There’s also a couple of in-game goodies like a ticket that will transport the player’s party to a time-limited Moogle Chocobo Carnival in January. Owners of the season pass will have access to a premium version of the Holiday Pack that adds more special loot like a Ring of Resistance and a Stamina Badge.