Dishonored 2 now has mix and match stealth to go with its killing

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Dishonored 2 has a lot of ways to kill enemies, but half of them will be locked away until a second playthrough with a different character. Empress Emily Kaldwin can’t do everything Corvo Attano can, and vice versa. Until now. There’s a beta patch available for the PC version of the game that adds a New Game Plus feature. The main addition in the update is the ability to choose Corvo or Emily and create your own suite of powers out of all the available abilities. Give Emily dominion over murderous rats, or let Corvo turn into a living shadow! All you have to do is beat the game once and New Game Plus will be available from the main menu. This new mode will also let you re-assign all the Runes you collected in the previous game.

Although it’s only available in beta on PC now, the New Game Plus update will launch for all platforms on December 19th. This is the first of two planned free content updates for Dishonored 2. The second update should arrive in January and will contain custom difficulty settings and a mission select menu.