Time to play the pre-hype game for Red Dead Redemption and Diablo

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Rockstar has been busy fueling fan speculation over the weekend. The developer tweeted a familiar red Rockstar logo on Sunday, then updated all of their social media sites with the above image. If that’s not a Red Dead Redemption reference, then the studio has become really enamored of HBO’s Westworld, or really liked Antoine Fuqua’s remake of The Magnificent Seven playing in theaters now. Is an announcement of a sequel finally coming?

Blizzard is also seemingly playing the hint game. One of the tchotchkes included in this year’s BlizzCon souvenir bag is a set of RPG dice. The Diablo-themed goodie includes a four-sided die, or “D4” in gamer parlance. Unlike the other dice in the kit, the D4 is unusable due to the faces being incorrectly numbered with two ones and a four, perhaps referencing the start of BlizzCon on November 4th. Adding fuel to the fire is this late Saturday tweet from David Brevik, one of the original creators of Diablo, who may or may not be working again for Blizzard in an advisory role. The post from Brevik cryptically includes an image of the constellation Libra. Is it a hint of Diablo IV or something else entirely?