New maps may be free, but Titanfall 2 still has to make money somehow

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Earlier in the year, developer Respawn and publisher Activision announced that all map and game mode content added to Titanfall 2 post-launch would be free for all players. This was welcome news. One of the big issues with Titanfall’s multiplayer was that once the map packs rolled out, the community was split into smaller groups of haves and have-nots each time. It’s a problem for any multiplayer game that clings to the map pack DLC model unless it’s Call of Duty and has a core of players willing to loyally buy each installment.

Respawn has announced that the first free post-launch map release will be a remastered version of Angel City. It was fan-favorite in it’s original incarnation, so remaking the map for the sequel is an easy win. It’s coming sometime in December.

Along with that news, we have official confirmation of how Respawn intends to fund post-launch support. It’s cosmetic DLC!

These items will be available for purchase, but as always, gameplay is first here at Respawn and they will in no way impact the gameplay.

Fashion-forward players can pay for everyone else’s spot on the servers. It’s a win-win! Titanfall 2 is launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28th.