Mafia III’s torture scene looks tamer than one in Grand Theft Auto V

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Mafia III has a torture scene. It’s the cool thing in open-world games, it seems. Grand Theft Auto V had it and so did Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In both of those games, the violence came with controversy. In Grand Theft Auto V’s case, the in-your-face requirement of being the torturer upset some players and made them recoil. In Metal Gear Solid V’s scene, the violence was slightly removed since it was in a cut-scene, but the victim was an important focal point of some people’s negative opinion.

In the latest preview video from publisher 2K, the torture scene in Mafia III is even more disconnected from the player because the torturer is a non-player buddy character. The player’s avatar, Lincoln Clay, stands idly by while pliers are judiciously applied to the victim. From the brief snippet in the trailer, torture is just a story beat. A violent example of how badass and Scorsese the fictional mob of New Bordeaux can be. It might be more substantial in the full game. Consider this a trigger warning for those disturbed by videogame torture.

Mafia III releases on October 7th.