The next Sorcerer King faces a true challenge to his rule

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Stardock’s Sorcerer King was a clever turn-based title that started with the simple premise of “What happens after you lose a normal 4X game?” Pitting players against an all-powerful Sorcerer King that had apparently just “won” a strategy game before the player came along was a great way to shake up the formula, and allowed the developers to tighten the experience into something with a clear antagonist and goal. Sorcerer King: Rivals looks like it pushes that concept even further. The standalone expansion comes with two new playable races, new sovereigns, spells, units, and abilities. New boss lieutenants will challenge your ascension. The biggest new obstacle for players could be the integration of the Steam Workshop for new scenarios and custom quests. Time for the cat hair mustache quest to make a comeback!

Sorcerer King: Rivals pre-orders begin on August 25th. Owners of Sorcerer King will get a discount on the expansion.