Battlefront finally returns to space

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The upcoming Death Star expansion for Star Wars Battlefront will feature space battles. In the new Battle Station mode players will fight each other in iconic Star Wars spacecraft near the legendary Imperial base.

The alphabet soup of filthy Rebel space ships will try to destroy the loyal Imperial defenders in their stalwart TIE Fighters. If the traitorous Rebellion breaks through, their infantry will attempt to steal an innocent droid from its rightful place in the Death Star. New heroes Bossk and Chewbacca can face off during this phase of the battle – a contest that will undoubtedly end in a merciful death for the woolly smuggler beast. (It has to be better than having a moon fall on you.) Should the brave Stormtroopers fail, the fight will go back into space with Rebels futilely navigating the impossibly fortified Death Star Trench while The Emperor’s chosen emissary, Darth Vader himself, dispenses with them. Go home, Rebels. You’re drunk. Like you’re going to get a photon torpedo into a vent the size of a womp rat.

The Death Star expansion for Star Wars Battlefront is coming in September.