This is not Sega’s return to making console hardware

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People seem pretty jazzed by the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic system, the inexpensive throwback hardware that’s coming in November, so reports of a similar system from Sega are just as exciting. Unfortunately, while the idea of Sega jumping back into making console hardware sounds awesome, it’s nothing but an illusion. The plug and play Mega Drive Classic Game Console that’s been floating around social media for the past couple of days is manufactured under license by Chinese firm AtGames and is a revamp of their Sega Genesis Classic Console that’s been around for years. (They also manufacture the Atari Flashback console.) While AtGames’ console recreations basically do what they advertise, reviews suggest somewhat sloppy performance thanks to some slapdash emulation. In short, if you want classic Sega games on real Sega hardware, check out the thrift stores.