Cossacks is coming back, and that’s more true than you think

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Cossacks, the real-time strategy games from the Ukraine, have always been a niche series here. The first game was a little too obscure for western gamers to embrace in 2001. Cossacks: European Wars showed up on store shelves right between Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and Age of Mythology, so many real-time fans never got to experience the fiddliness of managing rifle formations and cavalry charges. Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars faced direct competition with Age of Empires III. GSC World is ready to change all that with Cossacks 3. Think of it as “Cossacks HD” because despite following a sequel naming convention, it’s really a remake of the first game.

Without an Age of Empires game to fight against, GSC World is hoping the time is right to reintroduce Cossacks to the West. Five single-player campaigns, 12 playable nations, random maps, multiplayer, and a slew of teeny units and buildings should be enticing for any fan of the era. Cossacks 3 will launch on September 20th on Steam.