Star Wars Battlefront goes offline

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Offline skirmish matches with A.I. bots are coming to Star Wars Battlefront. Creatively called Skirmish Mode, Battlefront’s offline gameplay will be available for Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes. The console versions of Battlefront will also have offline split screen capability. Although offline modes won’t contribute to persistent account progression, it will offer more opportunity for players to practice on maps that may not get as much time in server rotations. Offline skirmish is coming to Battlefront on July 20th.

In related news, the third DLC pack for Battlefront will launch in September. The Death Star expansion will feature more maps, new weapons, in-game cards, and two new heroes including a “larger-than-life character” that Electronic Arts says we’ve been waiting for. I assume that’s Lobot. The unsung hero of the Star Wars galaxy.