Your Xbox One will be obsolete in a year thanks to the Microsoft E3 show

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Microsoft has two new Xbox consoles coming. The first, given about 30 seconds of show time, is the Xbox One S, (pictured above) a slimmer, slightly improved Xbox One. It will be available in August and costs $299. According to Microsoft, it’s 40% smaller than the current Xbox and has a better wireless controller. The second new console wasn’t even shown, but amidst all the rumors of Sony following a similar iterative strategy, Microsoft apparently wanted to get ahead of the competition. Project Scorpio was unveiled. It’s a 4K, VR-ready system coming in 2017. According to a video full of talking heads “no one gets left behind” and all Xbox One games will work on all three consoles.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced the Play Anywhere program. Gamers can purchase upcoming Microsoft published games once and play them on Xbox One and their Windows 10 PCs. All five fans of Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps can celebrate.

Cooperative gameplay from Gears of War 4 was shown. Chainsaws, guns, and a gun that shoots saws. Speaking of Gears, General Raam from the original game is coming to Killer Instinct. Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia. Heroes fought a giant arm in Final Fantasy XV. The Friendly Update for Minecraft went live today, which brings cross-platfrom play to the crafting game. Scalebound was on stage for the fourth E3 in a row. Frank West took some gruesome selfies in a cinematic trailer for Dead Rising 4. The standalone free-to-play Gwent game from CD Projekt Red was announced. Sea of Thieves gameplay consisting of YouTube celebrities yelling at one another debuted. State of Decay 2 involves recreating the car door scene from Zombieland. Finally, Halo Wars 2 from Creative Assembly and 343 Industries premiered and made everyone sad for what happened to Ensemble Studios.

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