Jamie Foxx could not have looked more bored than he did at EA’s E3 show

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Electronic Arts’ E3 2016 presentation began with thumping bass and exhortations for everyone to “PLAY TO FEEL” then ended with Jamie Foxx barely suppressing a yawn. Neither the novelty of Peter Moore presenting from London nor Andrew Wilson speaking from the main stage in Los Angeles could rescue the show from devolving into the traditional marketing jargon and sequel previews. Titanfall 2 was shown. This time, PlayStation 4 players will get to enjoy the giant robot suits and parkour shooting. Respawn promised a full offline single player campaign this time around. Of course, the next Madden and FIFA games had their spot in the show. FIFA 17 will boast The Journey, a campaign based around shepherding rising star Alex Hunter to the top of the league. A developer on Mass Effect Andromeda came up to say the game will be awesome, while a video of a starfield and rotating planet played behind him. Jade Raymond assured the audience that EA is getting their money’s worth out of the Star Wars license by promising more Star Wars gaming than anyone needs. Finally, DICE showed off some more Battlefield 1, ending their presentation with a peek at an obviously unenthusiastic Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron. Play to feel!