Meet Marcus Holloway, the next attempt at a Watch Dogs hero

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Ubisoft has revealed Watch Dogs 2. While the sequel plainly follows the template started with Watch Dogs, it’s also obvious that much has changed. It’s not a reboot, but in the words of a famous tech support guy, “Hold on to your butts.” You’re still hacking and using a magic smartphone to fight the forces of control, but the open-world setting has shifted from Chicago to San Francisco and new protagonist Marcus Holloway is younger, more athletic, and more stylish than humorless Aiden Pearce. Marcus can freerun! Not like an assassin, but more like someone that doesn’t pay attention to rules or posted warnings. Tumbling, rolling, and leaping over obstacles like a YouTube stuntman. Marcus has cool youth-oriented clothing that shows he’s not like every other young man rebelling against authority. No trench coats for him! He shops at Zumiez or Urban Outfitters, and wears a carefully slung messenger bag. Iconic!