APB Reloaded on consoles has something the PC version doesn’t

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APB Reloaded, the resurrected thugs versus cops MMO from K2 Productions, has hit the Xbox One. The free-to-play game has always featured a bevy of in-game purchases to fund its development and support, but the console version boasts a transaction offer that the PC game cannot match. For $199.99 in real money, you can get 20,800 of the G1C in-game currency. G1C is used to purchase “sweet” in-game items like cosmetic accessories, guns, and vehicles. You could go the cheap route and buy 400 of the in-game cash at a time for $4.99, but why not take advantage of the $60 in savings offered with the maximum bundle of points? You can have all the G1C you need until you run out and need to top up with another $199.99 purchase. Sweet!

APB Reloaded started as subscription-only APB: All Points Bulletin by Realtime Worlds in 2010, following their success with Crackdown. The studio was shut down shortly after the game launched and the property was purchased by K2 Productions. APB was relaunched later that same year as APB Reloaded, a free-to-play title. Although it was not well received critically, the free-to-play title has operated with a dedicated core of paying customers.