Battleborn’s new character heralds an easier path to hero collecting

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Having only recently launched, Battleborn is already getting a new hero. The first of a planned five free heroes that will be added to the game’s roster, Alani is coming on May 24th for season pass holders and the 31st for everyone else. She’s another healer character, so players can expect her to be called on to support other heroes’ engagements and be a key support figure in team strategies.

Alani will cost 47,500 in-game credits to unlock for use. That’s a lot of lane pushing. Alternately, players with the season pass can unlock the new character using a free Hero Key that will come with the update. With the release of each new hero, Gearbox will supply season pass holders with a Hero Key to get a jump on all the dirty peasants that will be forced to grind for their heroes. Hero keys can be used to unlock any character the player isn’t able to access. If you’ve been stuck trying to beat all the co-op missions on advanced difficulty and you’re still not at Command Rank 40, you can use a Hero Key to bypass the requirements for Ghalt. Better yet, once you do fulfill the requirement for Ghalt, you’ll get your key back and can use it on another locked hero.