The Witcher 3 is about to mess up your plans for summer

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The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming at the end of this month. You wanted to see some movies, enjoy some camping or sports, read a good book, and maybe even play some new games, but CD Projekt Red has other plans for your time. You’re going to be investigating murders and learning the ins and outs of the vintner trade. The Blood and Wine expansion is releasing on May 31st and it’s huge. It’s over 30 hours of monster-hunting set in the chivalric idyll of Toussaint which is less muddy and grim than previous Witcher settings, but no less deadly.

Along with a bunch of new quests and enemies, Blood and Wine features new loot, a new mutation system that adds high-level abilities to character customization, a new Grandmaster class of armor, dyes to color armor, and two hours of new music. One of the big additions is a home and vineyard that players can buy and upgrade. Geralt seems to have the temperament of a good sommelier.

Players that don’t purchase the expansion will still benefit from an extensive update to the game that will be free for everyone. The developers have revamped the inventory screen, improved performance, added options to disable the fish-eye effect from Witcher vision and automatic sword drawing when enemies are near, and increased the maximum character level to 100 in new game plus.

Blood and Wine is available as part of The Witcher 3 season pass, or separately for $19.99.