Expect poison gas, blimps, and puttees in the next Battlefield

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Electronic Arts and DICE have lifted the lid on Battlefield 1. That’s the numeral “1” and not the word – as in The Great War, World War I. Drat. That’s the Roman numeral. Just take a look at the announcement trailer. Battlefield 1 eschews the modern whiz-bang gadgetry of recent big-budget shooters for wooden clubs, canvas masks, and bolt-action rifles. That’s how you separate yourself from Call of Duty’s increasingly bizarre setting. The pre-order page for Battlefield 1 has a list of tantalizing details. Hellfighter, Red Baron, and Lawrence of Arabia DLC? Yes, please, especially if we’re talking about The Harlem Hellfighters.

Experience the origins of modern warfare where the old world was destroyed, giving way to the new one. Use the innovative, modern weaponry and vehicles of World War I as you battle across the land, air and sea.

Battlefield 1 will be available October 21st, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.