Grim Dawn’s latest feature is unlimited content

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Grim Dawn now has official mod tools. Beat that Diablo III! The latest update for Crate Entertainment’s slick action-roleplaying game comes with a few important fixes and adds the tools the developer used to create content for the game. Want more loot? Go for it! Want new levels? Make them! Want tweaked mechanics? Get tweaking! Despite the fixed nature of the world map, Grim Dawn wasn’t lacking content, but should you feel you have something to add, you now have what you need to do exactly that.

“The potential here is tremendous and we here at Crate are excited to see what the community comes up with.”

Owners of Grim Dawn can find the development tools in their installation folder after updating the game. Crate even posted a helpful guide for adventurous gamers that want to get started on their own creations.