Fans of The Settlers will finally get the game they deserve

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Ubisoft has announced Champions of Anteria, a story-heavy real-time strategy game using small hero squads. If you’re wondering where The Settlers reference comes from, this game apparently started out as The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria, but based on player feedback from a closed beta period, Ubisoft Blue Byte decided to drop the association with the city-builder series and branch off into a new direction. The economic gameplay is separated into a “homebase management” area, while the tactical action depends on players using three out of five champions with elemental powers.

The core of the combat is based on magical elements. We have five magical elements in the game fire, metal, nature, lightning, and water and they work in an extended rock-paper-scissors system.

That’s certainly one way to drill the core RTS concept down to its basics. Champions of Anteria will launch on August 30th for Windows PC.